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Private Sector

d2®web on-line

This is a set of tools that allow companies to control attendance, to have an accurate estimation of the number of hours worked, without any paperwork or complex processes to request licenses. The application set also provides accurate and timely information to estimate PTO days, and to analyze the behavior of personnel regarding tardiness, absences, and overtime. read more

Certificates biometrics click here

Public Sector

Bioserver® Government

Provider of specialized human identification services for the public sector, which are specifically focused on very sensitive transactions that require the highest level of security, effectiveness, and performance. Among the public sector clients, we can mention:  the Vital Statistics Office, the Police Force, the Migration Department, and Social Security. read more


Bioserver® Banca (Banking Services)

This solution groups the software functionality of a biometric platform. This platform has embedded rules, whose main goal is to prevent identity fraud and which are applied to banking environments. It has a powerful engine that processes a large number of concurrent transactions, in order to guarantee the best customer service performance. read more

July 2015
Biometrika started commercial operations in Peru , with products Bioserver and d2WEB .

June 2015
d2Móvil an application designed for mobile phones. It presents information helpline, absenteeism , overtime, absences , request / approval of permits and holidays

June 2013
Biometrika participated in ICB 2013 , held in Madrid (Spain). In the Conference, the latest and most important advances on human identification techniques and methods on how to prevent the hacking of biometric systems were presented.

February 2013
Biometrika has included in its products new biometric recognition techniques for senior citizens and minors.

December 2012
Over 10 financial and banking institutions are using the Bioserver® Banca platform with a total of 7,000 biometric devices currently operating. Learn additional details on the Bioserver® Banca platform