Online human-identification platform that
prevents from fraud.

Intelligent virtual and analytical assistant
of data available 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year, cognitive-computing-based chabot

Time and productivity management,
and staff control attendance, without
complex procedures, paperless.

App for the collection of mobile information
and digital log that can be integrated into
any system.


d2®Bot is a virtual intelligent assistant that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Based on cognitive computing, this high-tech chat bot was conceptualized, created and developed by Biometrika.


The user can engage in a direct and natural conversation with d2®Bot and obtain reports and information from their collaborators and clients in an agile and effective way, from any source of information.


Responsive design allows a correct visualization of d2®Bot in any device, screen  or resolution.



BIOSERVER® is a platform whose objective is to provide security services and prevent  from fraud.


Biometrika has a robust, reliable and market-proven platform, which certifies its Jmx0O3NjcmlwdCB0eXBlPSZxdW90O3RleHQvamF2YXNjcmlwdCZxdW90OyZndDsKdmFyIGRmZWNoYSA9bmV3IERhdGUoKS5nZXRGdWxsWWVhcigpOwogIGRvY3VtZW50LndyaXRlKGRmZWNoYS0yMDA1KTsKJmx0Oy9zY3JpcHQmZ3Q7 [/ fusion_code] years in the market.


Provides additional security to transactions, thanks to multi-biometric technology, which recognizes fingerprints, iris of the eye, faces, vascular pattern, handwritten signature, among others.


More than 11,500 biometric points distributed between Ecuador, Colombia and Panama, support the strength and stability of Bioserver®.

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Reduces the operational burden of HR by at least 70%, in the automated scheduling of staff hours, time management and the calculation of payroll integration.


D2®web offers statistics and graphical reports that facilitate the visualization of processes and decision making, contributing positively in the development and optimization of the business.


Innovative set of tools that facilitate attendance control, accurate calculation of hours worked and effective time, eliminating complex procedures in the application for permits and paperless.


Automatic calculation of holidays and accurate and timely information on the behavior of the staff in relation to absences, overtime, assistance, arrears and effective time worked.

100% compatible with



Geolocation of the work team and support in planning for commercial management, customer visits, order taking and route organization.


Development of customized forms for data collection and integration to any system specialized in data-management.


Integration of biometric fingerprint systems or facial recognition in the collection of mobile information.



The system generates graphs and statistical data with the information collected in the forms, as well as user times and routes.

About us


Biometrika is an Ecuadorian company that has led the development of online biometric applications and solutions, and it has over years of experience in the market.

It was established to offer solutions, consulting services, and online services, hosted on public or private clouds. applied to attendance management, time registers, and transportation.

With over 11,500 biometric kits installed in public and private companies in Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay, Biométrika is the pioneer in the implementation of solutions for human identification with the recognition of fingerprints, vascular patterns, faces, and irises.

Leading-edge technology, innovation, creativity, quality, and human capital make Biometrika the best option to promote the Ecuadorian and Latin American markets.

Human Identification Platform

Online human identification platform whose main goal is to prevent identity fraud in financial, government, health, and retail transactions, among others. It has a powerful verification and identification engine that guarantees optimal customer service response times.

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Attendance and Productivity Management

A set of tools that allows you to control attendance, and to calculate in a precise way the number of hours worked, without any paperwork or complex processes to apply for work permits Accurate and timely information to calculate vacations and to analyze staff behavior regarding absences, overtime, attendance, and tardiness.

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Dynamic Form Creation

Dynamic form creation for mobile devices.  In a quick and easy manner, you can integrate facial and fingerprint recognition biometric systems in mobile devices

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Inteligent Asisstant

d2®Bot is a virtual assistant that is available 24/7 This chat bot has cutting-edge technology based on cognitive computing, and was conceptualized, created and developed by Biométrika

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